SVX has been working to understand the sector gaps in response to COVID-19 and has been convening entrepreneurs, investors, and organizations at a local and national level to better understand what support is needed.


Social Innovation Canada has collected a list of resources for Canadian social innovation organizations to help practitioners adapt to the effects of COVID-19.


Pillar has conducted widespread research on the problems facing enterprises are are working to provide financial relief to communities, conduct learning and teaching events for practitioners, and amplifying the stories of those affected by COVID-19.

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VERGE Capital is a social finance program of Pillar Nonprofit Network, building a social finance ecosystem in Southwestern Ontario. VERGE's two place-based loan funds provide flexible and patient capital to local SPOs in the region.


Upper Canada Equity Fund is an early stage equity investment fund in Prince Edward County that deploys patient capital with the goal of building enterprises that boost rural economic diversification and contribute to sustainable development goals.

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Centre for Social Innovation has created a Community Rent pool to offer financial relief to those who need it most, facilitates peer-to-peer mentorship, and moved accelerator programs online to support entrepreneurs during COVID-19.

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The Ontario Trillium Foundation has provided capital to over 170 non-profits in the province and offers a network of online support and resources to help non-profit leadership adapt to COVID-19.